RV Life

My husband retired from the military in 2017 with 21+ years of service. He spent another 3 years in Afghanistan so we could be debt free and purchase our home on wheels. We had always said we didn’t know where we wanted to live after he retired; so we decided on buying an RV and just traveling North America!

Home is wherever we park 🥰

We are definitely “Newbies”  in the RV world!

What in the world have we done? That was our first thought when we sold and gave away everything we own.  Everything we had worked so hard for was no longer needed or necessary in our 38.5 foot motorhome. We quickly realized that storage management would be a daily challenge in this new life style. Organization is a must!

Love the Allegro Red 37BA layout
Hanging out

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and it’s a daily challenge keeping our home clean and tidy. Each of them have different personalities and have all found their own places to relax and be comfortable. They have all adjusted to their new life on the road and love it!

The kitchen is perfect for us and we use our Insta-Pot quit a bit. We are still learning how to use the convection microwave oven and actually use the dishwasher for more storage!

Our rear bathroom has a nice size shower and a washer & dryer. With our fur babies that was a must!

We chose this floor plan because of the  1 1/2 bathrooms.

The bedroom is very cozy and has a lot of storage above and under the bed. We replaced the factory mattress after just a few weeks. It has been a lifesaver on our backs and sleep is much more comfortable.

King Size Bed

We have been full time since July 2021 and have learned so much in 2 months. We have gotten much quicker at “breaking camp” and setting everything back up. We love our new life and look forward to the adventures ahead!

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