Experience Diving with the Best

Whether you are a beginner, need to brush up on your skills or an advanced scuba diver; Aqua Excursion is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Aqua Excursion has several dive shops in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

In this region of Mexico you have many options of diving. There are many beautiful reefs, cenotes, and wreck dives available. Cozumel has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. In Playa Del Carmen at Shark Point; you can dive with Bull Sharks in the winter during their pupping season.

One of our 1st dives in the beautiful ocean

My husband and I were certified in March 2019. We did our PADI academics at home and did the rest of our certification for Open Water at Grand Palladium in Riviera Maya. We went on to get our Advanced Open Water and have been diving ever since! Our son did exact same certificate in July 2020.

The dive masters and staff are the best in the world.

Boat in Cozumel to dive 2nd Largest Barrier Reef in the world.
On the dive boat heading to dive
Nothing better than the wind hitting you while you zoom through the water to dive!!
Bull Sharks are very graceful 🥰

So if you haven’t tried to dive yet… you should add to your bucket list and let Joel, Chris or Mayra in Riviera Maya, Mexico help you learn to scuba dive. I guarantee it will make you come back for more!! It may be the best thing I’ve done on my husband and I adventures! I can’t wait to hit that water again and let the air out of my BCD and start my descent to a different world.

We are off to the unknown

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